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Fuse Banner & Interstitials
Started by guruk Jul 15 2015 10:46 AM

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Hi there,

the good News, Fuse also supports Banners now (for example InMobi)


the question, how many of u just use Banners OR Interstitials?
Or are there also others like me who show at some time Banners and other Times Interstitials.

Or Banners all time and Interstitials just sometimes.


The Problem with Fuse right how. U can either assign a Banner or a Interstitial to ur app!

(just because u can only set ONE AD ID of one Company.


I think thats quiet unflexible and unfortunate.


So I give a +1 that Fuse implements just an additional Field (Banner).. and another for Interstitials.

That would allow to differenciate and even set the xy Position of the Banner.


Im very interested how and what kind of ads u implement already and how u will implement in the future.