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Spine 2.3: Animation starting with wrong attachment
Started by jhow Jun 09 2015 09:46 AM

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Hi there,


I recently updated to Spine v2.3 from v2.1 and have noticed some weird regression issues when playing my animations that used to work properly before.


So, the issue usually occurs at the beginning of when I'm playing one of my animations. Here's the details:


For a single spine character, I have two animations. flyA and flyB. They are exactly the same animations except in one of flyA's slots, it uses attachmentA. In that same slot, flyB uses attachmentB.


When I enter the scene, I immediately play flyB on loop. But, for some reason the animation starts off showing attachmentA when it's supposed to be showing attachmentB. After about 0.5-1 second, it switches to the proper attachment. We've double and triple checked all our key frames and can't find any issue regarding that.


In case it makes a difference, when I'm in setup mode in Spine, the rig has attachmentA showing as default.


So, I have a feeling that
1. for some reason, flyA is being played before flyB gets called. (despite the fact that I am never calling flyA in my test)
2. the spine character starts off as it's setup rig (using attachment A), when I play flyB, there is a now delay to update the attachments accordingly.


I'm leaning towards problem 2. Could someone please help me better understand what is going on and help me find a solution?


Once again, this did not start happening until I upgraded to Spine v2.3.


NOTE: I cannot voluntarily replicate this issue. Sometimes it happens and no matter how many times I relaunch the app in Corona, it keeps occurring. Likewise, sometimes it does not happen and no matter how many times I relaunch the app in Corona, it will not occur.


Thank you!