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Translations / localizations in Google Play
Started by Ton B. Apr 20 2015 03:39 AM

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Ton B.

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Ton B.
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In the app's optimalization hints in my Google Play Developer Console the message appeared (probably after some time because I did not see it before) that, although I have localized the Google Play announcements of the app, I did not localize the APK itself.

I DID localize the app and it works (tested).
I have gathered all translations in one separate lua file and refer to this file every time I need a translation:

local translationsFile = require ("translationsFile")
letsSayButtonText.text = translationsFile.translate("thisWord")

As far as I could find, one do not need to add some lines for translations in build.settings or config.lua or something. Androids standard way is by localized strings.xml files. I did not add them. Should they be added (and if so, how)?

Does this message hurt my visibility on Google Play? Should I do something about it (and if so, what) or is it just a message I can ignore?