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Pro Subscription Required Error in App After Built
Started by havlen Jan 16 2015 03:48 PM

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My Pro subscription ran out a few days ago and I was surprised to see an error message from within a runtime version of the app that required me to quit.   I was able to successfully build, but the app flashed a message box when any Pro-level graphics 2.0 code was hit.


More to my surprise, the SDK allowed me to build for distribution without any problems.  I presume the same error message would occur.


For those of us who want to back out of the Graphics 2.0 code (I only have it in a very few places and could easily change it), how are we to know that we successfully removed all of the code if the app will successfully build with the code in place?   


I can't see paying the new (rather stiff) price for the Pro edition.  I was a very early adopter to Corona SDK, but its just become too expensive for my needs.  I think the Basic edition would be perfect.   But I hate to think I'm left to guessing whether or not an Pro-level code remains in my app.   


Obviously, the SDK knows when this code is there because it pops up the message.  Why not just stop it from being built for distribution?  I wouldn't even mind if it didn't point to the line of code -- just knowing whether or not part of the Pro-level graphics existed would be enough to hunt it down.  (Though pointing to the line of code would be preferred!)