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MapView markerID setup
Started by service0 Jan 05 2015 06:52 AM

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map marker markerid
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Hi all,


is there any possible way to set up a markerID?

When i add a new marker to native map view, with options, i get back only an automatically generated number like marker id. I can not reset, or change.

Simply i just want to refresh the makrers on a map, and when one is pressed, then i want to use the id like reference (but i don"t want to remove the map, and reload). When i have 2 markers, and i reload all (first i delete all markers, then i redraw), then the first ones id will not 1 again, but 3... second markers id will 4.....

Any idea?


Thanks in advance.


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I'd like to be able to set a tag (custom data) with markers so I can call my own UI (id are not that handy).


Maybe I need to capture the marker id on insert and then assign in a table with the tag when the item was being added then enum the tag back when the id is selected (more work but should work?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Please goto http://feedback.coronalabs.com and look up the existing mapView features and see if there is something similar to vote up (and comment if your exact feature isn't there).  If you don't find an entry for this, please create one and get people to vote things up.