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#ShipJam - What will you ship?
Started by roaminggamer Dec 16 2014 11:53 AM

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Vladislav Avrutin

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Vladislav Avrutin
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My congratulations to Noah Malewicz, Scott Adelman, Raptor UVG & Thomas Wilson!

Winners: you're the best!


Thanks to all #shipjammers, judges, sponsors & organizers!



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You're welcome- thanks again to everyone who entered!!


I sent out the email to all the contestants but FYI the winners are:


First Place: Fantasy Night Football by Noah Malewicz, Chunky Apps, chunkyapps.com

Second Place: Pet Puzzles by Scott Adelman, scottadelman.com
Third Place: MisionTierra by Raptor UVG, raptoruvg.com.mx
Judge’s Choice: Long Vowels Word Study by Thomas Wilson, Out Of Touch Productions, thisreadingmama.com
Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to everyone who managed to ship an app!!
I'm in the process of updating the website shipjam.com with links to all the apps that are available now as a result of the jam & the hard work of the contestants!
I encourage everyone to click through and download all the cool #shipjam apps!
(keep checking back, there's more apps still to go up!)

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