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Camera Allowing Access to Other Apps Besides the Native Camera Function Need Help
Started by scottadelman Sep 23 2014 12:47 PM

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I am working on updating all of my apps to Google billing v3.  In the process of updating my puzzle maker app for kids that utilizes the camera, I came across something concerning.  I had a camera app installed on my Nexus 7.  When the camera is selected in my app, it provides both an option to take a picture from the native camera app or the new app that I had installed.  The issue with this is that kids apps have very strict privacy laws.  I do not want the app to open and have the option to go into a different camera app that provides social sharing and such.  Is there a way to remove the camera choice option and just go native?  The same goes for the camera roll.  Is there a way to have the gallery as the only option?  Thanks!