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Filter Effects and transition.to
Started by jandjstudiosllc Aug 18 2014 04:03 PM

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I spent some time experimenting with transitions and filter effects today and noticed some odd behavior I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on.  In particular I was working with the bulge filter but I observed this behavior on pretty much all the filter effects I tried.  


The first transition effect would behave as expected but subsequent transitions seem to jump back to a default value and then proceed to the final value rather than starting from where the previous transition left off.  For example setting up the following scenario: 


local paint = {type = "image", filename= "texture1.png"}

object = display.newRect( 200, 200, 300, 300)

object.fill = paint

object.fill.effect = "filter.bulge"
object.fill.effect.intensity = 1.0


transition.to( object.fill.effect, { time=2000, intensity=2 } )


Does what I expect but if I follow up with a second transition on the same object it appears to jump back to a default value and then apply the new transition, ie:


transition.to( object.fill.effect{ time=2000intensity=3 } )


Matter of fact I just tried reapplying the original transition again and it has the same jump to a default behavior.  Any ideas?