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Corona Cards and Html for desktop browsers
Started by pbligh Aug 01 2014 10:56 AM

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corona cards html
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With Corona cards within desktop browsers, will it be compiled down to Javascript? Or running a Lua vm?


Will we be including a library on your web server to go along with the html page?


It would be nice to port part of our app to the web browser, mainly because it gives us a way

to serve desktop clients.



Our app has two main functions:


1. Software remote for controlling our products


2.  a design tool for creating custom remote interfaces. 


We would likely be porting function 2 with Corona Cards. 


The problem with browsers and features like function 1 is that browsers are very restrictive when it comes

what sources you can communicate with on the network. You can only send communications to the source that served you up. Which pushes the networking code back to the server. The server would have to handle all those types of communications for your application.