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A few of my favorite things...
Started by appilee Jul 29 2014 04:17 PM

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composer gui wish list
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After putting together my first business app (and first app) using Corona and Composer GUI, I've added a couple of items to my wish list for Composer GUI. Here are a few of my favorite things I'd love to see make it in to Composer GUI before it hits production...

- Set a grid and snap to grid for placing objects more consistently aligned on the screen. 
- Snap to screen edges and centers and other asset edges when moving objects around.
-  Align multiple objects left/center/right/top/middle/bottom.
-  A tighter tie-in with config.lua, with the best world being an auto-generated config.lua coming out of Composer GUI for target devices the developer selects.
-  Auto-generated build.settings for developer selected target devices and general parameters (e.g. orientation)
-  Add widgets! Even if it's purely a placeholder for code later.
-  Save As...
-  Filenames shown under assets in the Asset Library. (I've a bunch of images that look alike)
For bonus points...
- Fix that bug before Yosemite goes live for the masses. Sucks to have to change to an older laptop to work with Composer GUI (I know, I know... it's an Apple bug)
- Hover over an asset in the Asset Library to see its filename, size etc.
What else? What are your favorite things you'd like in Composer GUI for business apps?

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appilee - if that really is the only reason you upgraded to Pro, shoot me an email and we'll try to address somehow (david AT coronalabs). Do bear in mind there are other great advantages in Pro!