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HTTPS support
Started by naldikt Mar 19 2010 05:05 AM

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I know that lua by default supports http.request to make http connection. I have been looking over the internet to see if there is any https module already available out there, and I found one here http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~brunoos/luasec/ , that will allow us to do https.request.

[1] I guess my first question is, does anyone know how to install this? The instruction that comes with it told me to find the lua folder under /usr/share/lib/lua/... but I could not find anything named 'lua' under that folder or anywhere around the path. How does Corona utilizes lua if it does not exist then?

[2] Does anyone know where ssl.core and ssl.context are located? those 2 files are also required to do https.request.

[3] How do you guys perform https ? are you using the same package?

Thank you.
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It's on our todo list to provide https support for web services.

The workaround today is to use the webpopup functionality for user login/authentication much like the Facebook Connect sample code does. Here, you browse to a remote web page (of your design) using https and sign in through the web page. The response from that sign in would contain the session keys you need for subsequent http requests.
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