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Comparing mobile sensors data with Wi-Fi data
Started by david.zid2 Jul 09 2014 02:57 AM

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Hi guys,

I'm responsible for a game development and I decided to go for cross-platform and use Corona or Cocos2d-x.
I have a 2D game in early development which basically compares 2 streams of data. The game does not require high graphic performance it would be pretty much static with only some pop-up bubbles, but it would need to handle a continuous data stream.

1) Phone is connected to hotspot.
2) Hotspot is sending data to your phone - Let's say amount of g-force, acceleration, braking activation, gear shifting etc. all in real time.
3) You have a visual contact with everything what's happening.
4) With your smartphone/tablet you are trying to reproduce all the actions mention above (tilting, hitting brake buttons, shifting gears etc.)
5) Game compares these actions and gives you additional points when you are succesfull and precise.
6) Idea is very close to Guitar Hero - More precise you are, more points you get.

My questions:
1) Is it possible to develop game like this in Corona/Cocos2d-x?
2) Would the performance be enough to handle and compare both Wi-Fi data and Mobile sensors data?


- Consider: Is cross-platform better for this than native?
- Data flow:
Average - 30/90 (up/down) kbit/s
Peak - 40/120 kbit/s
Worst case - 100/300 kbit/s

Many thanks,
David Z.