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Quick noob question about vungle ads and composer
Started by Appletreeman May 24 2014 03:52 AM

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vungle composer
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I'm just starting with Vungle, and have a quick query...

I want the ad to show after the game over screen when the player presses either "play" or "quit" but before transitioning to the next scene (using composer).  Will the scene continue to change behind the ad or does it wait until the ad is closed?  

How do others do this?


I hope this makes sense



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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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When I did this in my game, I have a loading scene that has a button on it to continue.  When that scene shows, I call ad.show() to show the Vungle ad.  There is a listener that lets you know when it's done, but since the ad overlays the scene, when the ad goes away, your scene underneath will be revealed and then the user can click on the "continue" button.