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Improper Advertising Identifier [IDFA] Usage. Your app contains the Advertising Identifier [IDFA] API but you have not indicated its usage on the Prep
Started by noeguer Apr 25 2014 04:35 PM

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I'm getting 


"Your app is using Advertising Identifier (IDFA). You must either provide details about IDFA usage or remove it from the app and submit your binary again"


while I submit my app for review.


Plugins enabled: flurry (with dependency of plugin.google.play.services)

I'm using flurry Using 2014.2511 (latest public relase)

Flurry console reports that app uses Flurry SDK 4.3.2 (which should resolve IDFA issues from few months ago)

Removal of flurry (and play services) solves the problem.


Does anyone else experience this?

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Rob Miracle

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Rob Miracle
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Well Google Play Services is the AdMob plugin.  I would expect it to use the IDFA.  There should be an option when you go to tell iTunes Connect that you're preparing to upload the binary where it asks you if this has encryption, is being uploaded for legal reasons, etc.  There will be questions about the IDFA there and one of the options is its being used for install tracking or analytics.  I don't have the questions in front of me, but one of the answers should be checked.



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