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ScrollView Widget crashing app if removed when it has touch focus.
Started by dennis97 Feb 19 2014 08:00 AM

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I have an issue where:

- User is scrolling a scrollView

- Doesn't remove their finger from the scrollview 

- Uses another finger to press a button that causes scene change

- Next scene loads fine

- User removes finger that they were using to scroll the scrollview


The app blows up with an error in lib/libcorona.so

#01  pc 000f30e4 lib/libcorona.so (Rtt::DisplayObject::DispatchEventWithTarget(lua_State*, Rtt::MEvent const&, int) const+24)
#02  pc 000f3174 lib/libcorona.so (Rtt::DisplayObject::DispatchEvent(lua_State*, Rtt::MEvent const&) const+12)
#03  pc 0011db28 lib/libcorona.so (Rtt::HitEvent::DispatchFocused(lua_State*, Rtt::Runtime&, Rtt::StageObject&, Rtt::DisplayObject*) const+284)
#04  pc 0011a884 lib/libcorona.so (Rtt::MultitouchEvent::Dispatch(lua_State*, Rtt::Runtime&) const+108)
#05  pc 00141640 lib/libcorona.so (Rtt::Runtime::DispatchEvent(Rtt::MEvent const&)+52)
#06  pc 000ab6f4  lib/libcorona.so (JavaToNativeBridge::MultitouchEventEnd()+56)
5d986bbc  5d4bc178 lib/libcorona.so (Rtt::DisplayObject::DispatchEvent(lua_State*, Rtt::MEvent const&) const+16)
5d986bcc  5d4e6b2c lib/libcorona.so (Rtt::HitEvent::DispatchFocused(lua_State*, Rtt::Runtime&, Rtt::StageObject&, Rtt::DisplayObject*) const+288)


If i simulate the same problem in simulator (it also crashes simulator somtimes) I get the error 

Lua Runtime Error: lua_pcall failed with status: 2, error message is: ?:-1: attempt to call a table value
Does not happen if I run the app in V1 simulator