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Application Loader: Stuck at Sending API usage
Started by rmbsoft Feb 13 2014 09:46 AM

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I'm trying to upload my app to Apple for about an hour now, and every time Application Loader gets stuck at: Sending API usage to iTunes Connect.


It tries for 5 minutes, then gives me an SSL error


Uploading the ZIPfile was no problem, and I never had this before.


Restarted my internet mode, restarted my Mac Mini, same problem.


Anybody now how to solve this?


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Found this solution:


There is definitely a problem if your app stuck on "application stuck process". I suggest you to go with Application loader rather than Xcode itself as Application loader shows the activity status. You can clearly know in which step you stuck.

The most frequent issue faced is to stuck on the "Authentication with the iTunes Store..." step.

There are possible two work around which I followed and finally submitted my app to app store. You can try both. For me both worked at least once.

Method One : This method plays with proxy port to use http connection over https

  1. Go to Application Loader java folder : /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/Application Loader.app/Contents/MacOS/itms/java/lib

  2. Open net.properties file with "sublime text" or "text mate"

  3. Change "#https.proxyPort=443" proxy port to "https.proxyPort=80"

  4. Save the file and reopen Application Loader and Try again.