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Paid Job, create my game idea inspired by old arcade game
Started by meandroz Feb 11 2014 08:15 AM

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game ios mode7 iphone arcade ipad retro
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We would like to have an Iphone game developed. No Android 4 the moment.

The game is basically a shot em up inspired by an old arcade game using mode 7 or similar engines.

I will send a game project doc with all the concept explained properly for all the interested devs.

We will discuss your effort after sharing the project.

We can provide sounds for the entire game and graphics for the UI and menu screen.

game machanics are really well explained in the game project document.

If you are interested send me pm with your skype , email or other contacts.

Thank you

Nerfd Games

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Hello - my name is Kevin and I've been working with the Corona SDK for over 2 years.  I also develop games in Flash/AS3, which are featured on Cartoon Network and ESPN Arcade, as well as develop a variety of front-end web applications.  Please see my info below here:


portfolio: www.interactivemonster.com

skype: wkmltalkradio

email: loughrank@gmail.com


Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to provide.  Looking forward to hearing from you.




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Please, could you contact me to talk about the details? my email is jalemanyf@gmail.com




Josep Alemany