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New Release - ONLY ONE
Started by Ernest Feb 10 2014 09:32 AM

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Pick up a magic sword on the ancient pillar of sacrifice and fight to become the 'Only One' left standing

Only One is an arena style sword fighting game where you grab a magic sword declaring yourself the 'Only One' and then proceed to push and destroy waves of enemies off a sacrificial pillar in the sky


Defeat your enemies in gruelling combat or take the easy way out and push them off the pillar to their deaths down below

Gain powers and strength with a wide variety of abilities and upgrades. Fight over 70 waves and 7 bosses to ultimately become the only one left standing!


iOS App Store

Google Play

☆☆ Android Gamepad Controller Support ☆☆

★ Awesome retro pixel art graphics and music 
★ Physics based sword combat with parry and shield mechanics 
★ Upgrade your character over time with better stats and really cool abilities like push, freeze, bubble, whirlwind and dart 
★70 levels of soldiers, slimes, archers, wizards, loot gnomes, berserkers and mini bosses 
★ Push your opponents off the pillar for easy kills and more points or strike them where they stand to get their loot 
★ Ladder based levelling with checkpoints every 10 levels, score resets each time you die




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Congrats to you, this looks really fun! :)


I will try it at my iphone when I arrive at home.


Do you have any plans to bring this game to Android consoles like Ouya or Gamestick?

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Good job. I'm still playing this game since it came out and it's my favorite game right now.