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Calendar app
Started by gredakis Jan 16 2014 06:16 AM

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calendar teacher lessons app
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Hi to every one .
I would like to make an app which does the followings.
When the app starts there will be a screen in which the user will have the ability to add his students and for each student he will be able to fill the hours per day in a week span, if he could tap to add a student and then a calendar of the month would appear and from that calendar the user could choose the days of the week and for each day he could add the hours I think it would be great. The last thing I want the app to do is the user could see how many hours has in the whole month per student and total.
Can any one help me with the development of this app or at least give me some hints how to build it?
I am not totally newby with the corona sdk so a can understand technical details and code pretty easy .
This app will be very helfull for teachers who give private lessons