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Non-game apps template
Started by Bucksi Jan 14 2014 01:54 AM

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Does anyone here have a non-game app template which you are willing to sell ? 

If yes, please send me a private message including links or details about the app.



Thank you

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Hi Buckshi, (means Buksi?)


i have few templates.

For example a CarSeller app.

Short Desc: same app for users, and for the owner. Simple users device get push notif. when the owner upload any new car. Of course users can search cars by type. (The filter options can added to the app optionally, like price, ccm, etc..) There is a main menu with: search, direct phonecall, favorites (or parklist), and full list of new cars.

Under in taskbar: 3 menupoints. First is main menu, 2nd is map, 3rd is info.

Owners app: the owners device (the device id) once is added to the database - then this is an administrator device (can be more than 1...). After this, there is a 'secret' button- when it pressed from a registered device, the admin menu comes:

add new car- take or choose 3 pics from phone and upload to the server, and fill out the details filelds..

Edit car - edit the details

Delete car - remove the car from the list, and from the server

Send push notif. - send a push message for all users.

Compatibile with iphone3gs/4/4s/5/5s  ipod touch (of course call function not working), and ipads...


This app (like almos all of my apps) working with API, and use my server.


Anyway, i have more other templates, or sections, what are based on mysql/php API, push notif..

Another something is a remote commander API for Corona with templates, for external standalone commader cards (Pre-programmed Arduino, or compatible cortex3/4 cards with my API).  For example garage door openers, weather stations, plugin switch, automated house applications, etc....


So, if you are interested, just drop me a mail.

You can find me in this page:  www.levicon.de

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Take a look at my template

If you like it, please use promo code 03E2BD for 30% discount.