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Is your biz app using an e-mail API? Or did you build your own?
Started by clockworked24.7 Dec 19 2013 12:57 PM

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Hello experienced business app developers,


I've been looking to create some automated e-mails triggered by a business app I'm planning to launch next year.  My use case would be reminders to users to do certain things.  This would be in addition to things like Push notifications or app notifications.


I have some experience setting up my own web server with some PHP code that can facilitate this need, but from my previous experience, I know that some e-mail providers out there can blacklist your domain, causing major delivery problems to your users.   We personally had some issues with MSN blacklisting a previous business I worked on, which we were able to resolve after a few days.  But that was downtime that looked really poorly on our business.


The alternative seems to be to go with some reputible e-mail service that is dedicated to managing that relationship with ISPs.  Browsing the net, I did find a few services that charge to allow you to send mail via an API.  The per e-mail cost seems to get really steep fast, and being that a FREE app community can grow quite quickly with a fairly small % of monetization (2-4%?), it seems like you could run up quite the tab before really breaking even with some of these services.  Here are a few I found:




I know this falls outside of the strictly Corona or even mobile realm and is more of a web app question. But surely some people must have tackled this problem before.  For those of you out there that have really tried to create an app with e-mail as part of your messaging, I'm curious how you tackled it.
Is it worth investing in a service? (considering you get to skip the headache with ISPs) or is it simple enough to manage your own server to send e-mails to users?
Scott D Brooks




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I use Parse with mailgun to send emails in the background. All free as long as you don't go over Parse's API limits. Works really well (tutorial here http://www.ladeezfirstmedia.com/2013/06/30/tutorial-part-2-parsedata-coronasdk-parsemodules-ftw/) - this code has been refactored here: http://www.ladeezfirstmedia.com/2014/02/09/parse-com-corona-sdk-integration-tutorials-updated/