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score points in a game
Started by helloworld2013d Sep 07 2013 03:21 PM

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score highscore points add
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I'm looking for someone who can help me to add scores to my game.

I'm willing to pay $70.00 for that service.


I have a game and I need to know how to add points on my game.


I will give you the code that I have. -- if you need all the graphics too.

I will tell you what I need. and how I need to make my game work.


You see that and tell me if you can do it. And if it is worth your time for $70.00


if so --- I will give you, in advanced -- $40.00

I will trust in you.


You write the complete code to make it work in my game, in storyboard.

and you send me the full complete working code.


I will try that in my iPad, and when it works with no errors


I will give you $30.00 more.



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I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but there are SEVERAL forum posts illustrating how to accomplish this. I was just helping someone out showing them how to do this exact thing. Save your money, or donate it to charity or something







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Hi Panc software


Thanks for the tip.


I went there, it's too much...

It will take me some time to understand all, and to make it work.

I'm not that good.

The guy that you were helping, looks like he knew a lot more than me.


It's good to save money. But I really need some help.

I have tried the scoring thing for more then 3 months -- no luck!


I bough a book from dr. burton

game development form Jay White


and a couple more books from barnes and novel


and still, I can not make the scoring work.


It works fine, just in one module file, like page1.lua


but when I try to make ti work in another file... nothing -- errors


And saving data... JSON... I think it's too difficult for me right now


Thanks for the links, I will study them a lot

I like to read. If I don't get anyone willing to help me

do the scoring thing in my game,

I guess I will have to learn reading those post and trying a lot

and after a few months, maybe I will get it.

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Hi helloworld,


I am a freelancer and I can help you, I have finished 3 corona projects and now I am working on 2 projects using corona sdk. your requirement is very easy for me. please contact me with email: ouguolin@sina.com or skype:oglpc@263.net.