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Skilled group of developers offering their services
Started by krystian6 Sep 06 2013 05:16 PM

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we are a group of passionate, skilled and experienced developers with background in many areas like telecom/billing, online banking, trade, now working as game developers using Corona SDK.


We have 2 years experience with Corona and 10+ years of experience developing with other languages.

We have developed native applications for Android and iOS for our clients, as well as launched two games using Corona SDK (latest is going to be App of the Day in Amazon within few days), using Facebook, Game Center, Game Services, IAPs, with multiplayer both on single device (two players mode) and online (with our own backend, capable of handling hundreds of matches at the same time)


We create our own services like real-time servers using Node.JS, PHP, Grails [depending on the needs], connecting to SQL or NoSQL databases, hosted or in the cloud, so if you want to have a multiplayer mode in your game and Game Center/Game Services are not enough, we will be able to create something that will suit your needs.


We work with our own server [a physical machine, not a VPS] running our development and test environments, as well as Amazon AWS instances running our production environments. We can work with other Amazon services or other cloud providers.


We host our time & task management software (Jira) and our Git repositories to make it easier to work together, and to make our work as transparent to the client as it is possible while still maintaining privacy.


If there is a need, we can adjust our work hours to the client's time zone.


We run a company in the EU, and all our work can be invoiced.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.