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Maybe I don't understand object:scale()...
Started by slgilley Feb 21 2010 01:08 PM

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I have a simple little image that I'm experimenting with to try to understand some various things.

Right now it the object:scale().

The object is a .bmp, a 60x60 filled circle on a transparent background.

When I start, if I do:

r = object.height/2

then r will equal 30.

I would expect that if I then do

object:scale(.5, .5)
r = object.height/2

that r would equal 15. But it doesn't -- it is still equal to 30.

Am I misunderstand what a object:scale() does? Visually, it does exactly what I expect it to do -- the object decreases in size by half. But why hasn't the object.height changed?


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