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need a storyboard template for game with physics - main menu and 3 levels
Started by edualc Aug 08 2013 01:37 PM

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corona code game
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sounds easy doesn't it ? I have wasted 2 weeks trying to get this to work with no luck.
now i need to publish within a week so please help.




the main menu (e.g. menu.lua) will have

- background picture

- three buttons  (little png) when click on it will go to level1.lua, level2.lua etc..

- one repetitive animation

- be using storyboard to navigate between menu and levels


Each level (e.g. level1.lua)  will have

- background picture

- physics (few bits falling of the sky + floor)

- if falls off the floor, 'you lose' simple animation and message

- a level reset button

- a goto main menu button

- be using storyboard to navigate between menu and levels


background pictures will have to use the xxx@2.png method for multiple screens sizes (tablets, phones,etc..)


You can use pic off the web to get it to work quickly. I will replace with my pictures afterwards.

please quote and advise of timing.



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Hi, I am a freelancer. search my name "Guolin" on elance.com or odesk.com, I can help you. I just finished a job "convert flash as3 game to corona sdk", and I have submit it on app store( waiting review by apple). I have the experience on storyboard and content scaling, also I know how to use icon and default image. please contact me, I am able to help you!