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Fishies 2.5D improvement
Started by ingemar Aug 07 2013 01:38 AM

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Hi there!


I wanted to modify the 3D effect to pivot around the center of the image.


I've modified it a bit to include a scale as well as some modifications to the yDelta.

You can replace the existing transition blocks with the one below:


Tell me what you think...


local scaleDelta = 1.15;
local yDelta = halfW * 0.6;

transition.to( a.path, { x1=halfW, y1=-yDelta, x4=-halfW, y4=yDelta,
					x2=halfW, y2=yDelta, x3=-halfW, y3=-yDelta,
					time=1500, delay=1000, transition=easing.inExpo } );
transition.to( a, { xScale=scaleDelta, yScale=scaleDelta,
					time=1500, delay=1000, transition=easing.inExpo } );
transition.from( b.path, { x1=halfW, y1=yDelta, x4=-halfW, y4=-yDelta,
					  x2=halfW, y2=-yDelta, x3=-halfW, y3=yDelta,
					time=1500, delay=2500, transition=easing.outExpo } )
transition.from( b, { xScale=scaleDelta, yScale=scaleDelta,
					time=1500, delay=2500, transition=easing.outExpo } );

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Cool, I never thought about using yScale.


Another way to skin this cat is by varying the "y" offset for each corner:


local y = 100
transition.to( a.path, { x1=halfW, y1=-y, x3=-halfW, y3=-y, 
                    x2=halfW,y2=y, x4=-halfW, y4=y,
                    time=1500, delay=1000, transition=easing.inExpo } )
transition.from( b.path, { x1=halfW, y1=y, x3=-halfW,y3=y,
                      x2=halfW, y2=-y, x4=-halfW,y4=-y,
                      time=1500, delay=2500, transition=easing.outExpo } )


In the original, only 2 of the corners had offsets for the y-direction. In the above, every corner has an offset in the y-direction --- specifically a y-offset to corners 1 and 2 for 'a'. And to corners 3 and 4 for 'b'.