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Vungle and native.showAlert popup issue?
Started by LairdGames Aug 06 2013 09:16 PM

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Hi guys,


I am having an issue when a Vungle video is playing and I show an native alert. It happens the app is show a popup asking for a review X gameplays and at the same time Vungle is playing. The video size to shrink by half and I can see the rest of UI on the rest of the screen including some part of the native popup. I guess I could time the review window and Vungle not to show at the same time...


I already alerted Vungle and I am sure they are already working on it but I was curious if anybody else is having the same issue? That will tell us if it is my code or some conflict with the Corona native display object.






ps: to see the issue simply call a native.showAlert( "Notice", "Vungle test", { "OK" } ) and then show the Vungle ad...