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Telling Us "It's Broken" or How To Report Problems
Started by Perry Clarke Jul 31 2013 09:16 AM

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Perry Clarke

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Perry Clarke
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This is a good place to ask for help with the Corona SDK or discuss something that might be a bug but please help us to help you.

The best way to do this is to be sure your post clearly states:

  • What you were trying to do
  • What you expected the result to be
  • What happened instead
  • What version of Corona SDK you are running and which version of Windows or MacOSX you are on (or for devices, the version of iOS or Android you are using)

If your issue involves Lua code, post enough code that we can try it for ourselves and see the problem (for quickest service a complete sample app that demonstrates the problem is the way to go). Another good tool for communicating what you are seeing is screenshots though be sure to explain what the image is showing.


When reporting something that "doesn't work" remember that for most people it probably does work and that we can't see your screen and, no matter how obviously it "doesn't work" to someone looking over your shoulder, you'll need to give us a full description of what's happening before we can say "aha" and sort out the problem.  Keep in mind that thousands of people use Corona SDK every day and, while there are some bugs that affect everyone, 99% of the time issues are directly related to individual environments (this isn't to say these aren't sometimes bugs too but it does mean we can't fix them without knowing some details).