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Question about builds for App Store
Started by slgilley Feb 19 2010 08:06 AM

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I'm about to download and try this out, however, I'm a little concerned about pricing. When you purchase the SDK, it seems you get one year of Corona Developer Program membership, which is required for app store builds. Is this something that has to be repurchased each year, at whatever the going rate is for that year?


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Hi, Sean. You are correct: the Corona Developer Program is an annual membership that includes ongoing store builds and also product updates.

But to be clear, any app binaries you already have compiled and distributed will continue to work normally if your membership expires. (In other words, it's not like Apple's developer program, in which they will REMOVE your existing apps from the App Store if you let your Apple developer membership lapse -- I accidentally found this out the hard way!)

Because Corona is a new product that's changing rapidly -- we've done two releases in the first nine weeks -- our current pricing is designed to reward people for jumping in early and coming along for the ride.
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