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2D Game Art Designers
Started by basil81 Jul 27 2013 06:06 AM

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Hi there Corona users, :)


My name is Basil Murad and I head a small team of graphic designers and app developers who specialize in producing 2D artwork for mobile games. We've already had several projects completed which are now on the app store, and we're always looking for a new challenge.


You can check out our portfolio on Elance here showcasing most of our work:




Here are some videos from some of our notable projects:


Foursies (a connect-4 multiplayer game by Lightwood Games):



Unicorn Apocalypse (winner of the Unicorn Apocalypse contest/developed by Liquid Gameworks and published by Samsung):



My Monster (a monster building game by Liquid Gameworks):



If you're an Elance member you may hire us directly from there, otherwise feel free to contact us at:




Happy game-making!