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Newbie Question
Started by ballbom Jun 04 2013 05:47 PM

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I am new to cbeffects and currently perform a test, however , I found out that x,y position can not be changed and it just at the centre of the screen. besides, can I get  the display objects of the ventgroup? thanks alot ~
            local  s =CBE.VentGroup{

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Caleb P

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Caleb P
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For vent presets (or custom vents) with "alongLine" positionTypes, the X/Y position does not change when set. For that, you need to specify the point1 and point2 (the start and end points of the line).


This is another thing that will be upgraded with version One and One-Half - X/Y offset for line emission types.


As for the VentGroup display objects, the VentGroup itself is not a display object, but rather simply a table. Each vent inside of it, however, has a display group that particles are added to - it's called "content". You can get it and change around it if you like:

local ventContentGroup=myVentGroup:get("MyVent").content
ventContentGroup.xScale, ventContentGroup.yScale=3, 0.1


- C