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Experienced Dev Looking for Full-Time, On-Site, Corona SDK Gig
Started by J. A. Whye May 22 2013 12:09 AM

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J. A. Whye

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J. A. Whye
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After almost 10 years being self-employed I'm looking to change that and would like to find an awesome studio/company to work for who's doing Corona SDK games (and apps).

Sidebar: Why change now? Part of my reason for working from home was to be around while my kids were growing up. They're late-teens now and mostly doing their own things. And I miss the camaraderie of a group of people all working on cool stuff.


I'm looking for a position where my focus will be on game development, although some "biz app" stuff at times is fine. (Also, I love building tools/utilities to make game dev easier and faster.) Also prefer a location in the western half of the US - the closer to the ocean, the better. Out of the North American continent is possible but as you'll see from my quirks section below that might not be feasible.

Programming experience includes (in rough order of competence): Corona SDK, Lua, RealStudio (Xojo), PHP, Javascript, ColdFusion and a smattering of other things I haven't really used in years. And while I don't mind doing "other stuff" at times, I'm looking for something that focuses on Corona/Lua.

I'm also experienced at:

  • * Creating tutorials/teaching
  • * Writing sample code
  • * Mentoring Jr devs
  • * Writing marketing copy
  • * Audio/video editing

...and a lot more. Basically, I've been around the block a time or two and stopped in at most of the establishments. :)



  • * I don't fly, so in-person interviews are problematic, seeing as how I currently live in Alaska. Although if *you* want to fly up and talk, that's cool. That's what makes a foreign job probably not feasible. Unless I can take a boat over.
  • * I don't mind working 60+ hours a week when there's a crunch to get something done, but if that's "normal" for your business then you're doing something wrong. I'm not interested in situations where chaos reigns as a daily occurrence. I paid my dues in jobs like that and I'm not interested in reliving those days.
  • * Telecommuting optional. I'd like to land someplace where on-site is typical, but working from home at times is cool. I'm NOT looking for a telecommute-only job -- I want the face-to-face brainstorming and idea-batting that happens in an office (or coffee shop?) with real people in real time.


Experienced game and tools developer looking for a full-time, on-site position (probably in the North American continent) where I can leverage my Corona SDK experience.


Use the contact page here for more info or to schedule a phone call: http://outlawgametools.com/contact/




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We need Experienced Corona SDK Gig to teach high school students for 6 - 8 weeks


Location: Lagos, Nigeria



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I had similar situation as you before. After two years' working from home, I craved to working at office and talked to colleagues face to face. Now I am working at office, but I am looking for self-employed with definite target and partners.