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Post text on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
Started by mushu May 13 2013 05:18 PM

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Please excuse me for being a "noob" but I need to post some text via the user's twitter, facebook and/or google plus accounts.


There seems to be a few ways to make a twitter or facebook post, one of them being to use these packages.

Corona's Cloud API looks like it can post messages to facebook and twitter too though I don't know if that entails anything "special".


In either case does the user have to specify their login details or is it possible for Corona to use the device's already logged in account?


And lastly, there are a fair amount or posts on the different aspects and issues with twitter and facebook but there doesn't seem to be anything on google plus. Am I the only person wanting to have user's post to google plus or is the method to post to google plus just so simple no one's ever needed to mention it... until I came along :wacko:


Also please feel free to add any positive or negative corona experiences with facebook, twitter and google plus and/or any tips.


Hopefully this thread can serve as a beacon light to other social networking novices.



I eagerly await your response :)