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HIRING - developers, various skill levels
Started by loughrank May 08 2013 06:45 AM

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We have an upcoming project, scheduled to start at the beginning on June (TBD), and need a developer to assist on building a portion of the project (possibly more). 


We're looking to build a game that incorporates AutoLAN for network multiplaying, in a multi-lobby system.  The game engine itself is very basic, so the focus is really on the lobbying system and getting gameplay to sync properly.  Art assets are almost complete, wireframes are all set - we just need someone to assist in the execution. 


What we'd like from you is a working prototype, built around AutoLAN (unless you have another library you'd suggest), that allows users to select a lobby, view who is in it, join that 'room' and pass information between devices with a little lag as possible.  It's really just building upon what already exists in AutoLAN, but scaled up a bit.  Complex interactivity is not needed - just the barebones for our team to integrate.  After that, we'd likely need changes and minor additions as we finalize the app. 


The game engine itself could be handled by another developer, but if you felt up for the task, you could take a portion of that on as well.  There's also a global multiplayer aspect in the works, so if you have any experience with PubNub (or other platforms), please mention that as well. 


Please contact us here:



If we feel you're a good candidate, we will need to see some code samples - just something that illustrates your understanding of application development and OOP.  It doesn't have to be something fancy, or even useful, but something that shows you know how to lay out your code and modules. 


Thanks and please get back to us soon!