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Problem Using Texturepacker Autosd Spritesheets With Spritegrabber
Started by cristiano.constantino.santos Apr 12 2013 10:23 AM

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Hi everyone


I have created a spriteSheet using the TexturePacker with Auto SD (for @2x and @4x) feature and the file.lua generated by the tool does not have the method getSpriteSheetData() used by SpriteGrabber. Consequently, I am having an error while I try to invoke the SpriteGrabber. Does anyone know
how to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance

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I am running into gaps between TexturePacker and the legacy sprite code as well. I think I figured out how to build the getSpriteSheetData scaffold around it but I haven't got my game to work in Graphics 1.0 compatibility mode yet (it suddenly cna't find the timeScale member of the legacy sprites even though I added the sprite shim package).