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Table View Widget 2.0 Row Color Highlight Rendering Issue
Started by mslack Mar 19 2013 04:31 AM

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Hopefully this is not a repeat ...


So perhaps my approach is wrong but sometimes i Nuke all the rows in the TableView with the deleteAllRows() method and recreate all the rows in the table.  This was working just fine prior to migration to the 2.0 version of the TableView.


How however, i very often get my row highlights rendered oddly ... like the rectangle that is used for highlighting goes from TopLeft reference point to TopCenter reference point ... see the image attached.  In the image you can see that row 1 and 3 should be a light gray all the way across.  Which they were when first renedered.  Then upon deleteAllRows and a reinsertion of the content i now get this odd row highlighting.


This is out of my code and is in the core code for TableView.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Can you post up some code?


I have tested that use scenario before and haven't seen any issues with the highlighting.