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Widget 2.0 Theme Options? 2013.1038
Started by ElectricDisk Mar 07 2013 04:31 PM

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I just downloaded 2013.1038 and the slider looks normal again (like it does in the screenshot documentation).

So now that it looks like it should, I read somewhere about being able to create custom skins or themes. Is this possible? If so, can someone post an example?
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Yup, it is possible. No example yet that I have seen. Danny said they were going to do a post on new Widget customization soon.
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Bumping this post as I think my question is related to it...


I've applied the following background image to the slider but it doesn't seem to work.


s = widget.newSlider{
		background = "assets/img/components/slider/sliderBackground.png",
	    top = midY - 25,
	    left = midX - 50,
	    width = 200,
	    value = 50,
	    listener = sliderListener


Any idea why the custom background image isn't showing? I also can't customise the handle and fillImage either?! Result is the default iOS skin and no errors :/.


I have followed this: http://docs.coronalabs.com/api/library/widget/newSlider.html

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Hi @nglenister,

The document you're reading is the API details for the V1.0 Slider widget. If you're using the new V2.0 widgets, you need to always refer to the daily build API guides here:



In particular, the V2.0 Slider is detailed here:



Apologies for the confusion. This note is made in the Widget 2.0 tutorials, but it's an understandable oversight.