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About TableView, close/open the sub row when tap on the category's name
Started by dan300 Feb 01 2013 01:16 PM

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Hi Guys:

I am trying to make a list view, which need to show/hide the sub row when tap on the category's name.

For example: tap on Breakfast to hide "coffee", "Bagel", "Toast" and tap on Breakfast again to show them.
I guess I can do it easily if I remove all the list and "list:insertRow" again to make a new one with out those sub row. But I am working with a long list, remove/ make new one may cause too much trouble for the CPU.

So is there a way to show/hide them except make a new list?
I was thinking about set the row's height to 0 like when we make them
            height = 30,
            onRender = onRowRender,
            isCategory = true,
            listener = onTitleTouch }
But when I try to print the height of the row I taped, by
print( "Pressed row's height: " , list[row.index].height)
It shows the height is 206.
Is there a way to set this height after the list was made?

I think I can try to delete those sub rows, but this could ends up a mess when try to add them back. I have about 400-1000 rows.

Also it will be great if there is a easier way to change the row's image to another one like buttons.
hudMainBt[i] = widget.newButton{
                default = hudMainBtN[i].."Active.png",
                over = hudMainBtN[i].."Press.png",
                width = hudMainBtSX[i],
                height = hudMainBtSY[i],
                onRelease = hudMainBtHandle,}

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