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Tips For Creating iTablet-Friendly Apps?
Started by Dotnaught Jan 19 2010 04:41 AM

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Aside from obvious considerations, like using display.StageWidth and display.StageHeight rather than fixed screen dimensions, what are some of the steps one should take to ensure apps work on different screen sizes?

Would it be advisable, for example, to include different sizes of .png files so images of the appropriate scale and be used?

Anything else come to mind?
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carlos m. icaza

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carlos m. icaza
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Yes, images of different image sizes, scales and never hardcode coordinates. also it is easier to scale down than to scale up and what I mean is that if you have a png that is small, scaling it up will pixel it. It is easier to have a bigger png and to scale down as well.

also use relative locations rather than absolute, divide the screen realty into quadrants based on a relative position than an absolute and then each quadrant can represent "top bar", "bottom bar", "draw area", etc.


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