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Need sample code updated
Started by WarrenW Nov 06 2012 01:22 AM

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I am willing to pay someone to write the code to do what I need. I have had trouble with this and have posted in the Developer Support forum and no one has helped. So my next try is to pay someone.

I need an app to have a button to log into Facebook and another button to press to launch the camera and take a picture. I then want to save the picture as a jpg file. Then I want to to upload it to my facebook page. I have been able to show the camera and take a picture with it. After that the app stops. What I have tried using is the sample code for the Camera that came with Corona SDK. So you can start with that and instead of tapping the screen to start, just have two buttons on the screen. One for Facebook Login and the other for Camera.

In the sample code I do not know how to save the image to a file. If I can get that far then i can probably do the rest. But if you can write the code to call the method to upload it to Facebook then great.

Let me know what you will charge for this. I am currently using the trial version of Corona on Windows for Android.


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Hi Warren,

Email me about this, I can help for sure.

wintermuteai1 [at] hotmail [dot] com

thank you,
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