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New user starting here..
Started by frankpeels Nov 20 2010 03:24 PM

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Hello crowd, I am in trial-mode here, and I am still looking around for best options on making mobile apps. Like most people here, I presume, I have more scripting skills than programming skills. Still I wonder about Corona being the right move (for me). It's just not that clear to me yet. And I did some googles :) I just couldn't find answers. Here are some of my issues. I would be grateful if anyone could elaborate a bit on them.

1- I've read that you should 'hand in' your sources & assets, because apps are compiled @corona (so not on my own machines). This is true?
2- I did some A.R. with Unifeye & Shockwave and I loved it. Does or will Corona support any A.R.-tools or methods ?
3- Are there peepz here who made apps with Corona and stuff like: live videobackground, 3D, camera, voice, ajax/json/soap etc ?
4- If I would get stuck in Corona's LUA , can I then still switch within my project, by embedding some objective-c or other language?

With regards
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1 - Yeah it uses the network to connect with Corona, upload stuff and compile for builds. Staff has stated that your stuff gets deleted immediately after so no one will be looking at it. It happens pretty transparently.

2 - I doubt you'll be able to get anything but basic and possibly slow AR working anytime soon. Corona is also primarily 2D right now, unless you want to build a ray tracing or ray casting engine on top the drawing functions.
3 - I have not been thorough enough to adequately answer this, but my personal belief is no.

4 - Same as 3.
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