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Any Linux geeks out there? Check out corntab!
Started by dknell Nov 15 2010 08:51 PM

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I recently updated corntab and fixed some bugs (like the text input rotation bug) so now I can share this with all of you.

What is it?
Corntab is a crontab creator. If you are not familiar with the Linux crontab, it is a scheduler to run commands at specific times. For example, you may want to run a log file cleanup script everyday at 1AM. Crontab lets you setup that automatic job. Unfortunately the syntax for crontab is difficult to remember because it's one of those things that you setup and forget about because it just works.

That is where the corntab app comes in. The corntab app lets you select the time and date and specify the command you want the run. Then it creates the crontab text entry that you can paste into crontab on your servers. Currently the only way to get the crontab entry from the app is by emailing it - the app takes care of that for you.

The corntab iPhone app is an extension of the corntab web app I created a while ago (http://www.corntab.com).

Some of you Corona developers may like how I setup the menu system and date selectors. If you have any questions about how I did that, let me know. :)

You can get the free corntab iPhone app here:

Thanks for checking it out!

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