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Two Apps: one upload on device, the other one doesn't
Started by iGerbil Nov 07 2010 09:04 AM

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I managed to compile and upload the "Hello World" app to my iPad; after that, if I open one and compile of the samples (ShapeTumbler in this case) and compile it with the same settings as HelloWorld (no spaces in target path, same certificate, etc.) it is saying that "A signed resource has been added, modified, or deleted".
Why do I get this different behaviour ???
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You may be trying to build a sample app that requires physics which is only available in Corona Game Edition. Can you tell me if you're using the basic version of Corona or Game Edition?

You can send me the info that's in the window when you click on Corona Simulator > About Corona Simulator, or just tell me if your building with the software that has an orange disk in the icon or a pool ball with the number 11.
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