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Two tableviews problem
Started by rmbsoft Jul 10 2012 02:27 AM

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I created a MAIN tableview that works fine, until i create a second one (RESULTS).

When creating the RESULTS tableview, the only event.phase i get from the MAIN tableview is "press", all the others like "release" are not fired anymore in onRowTouch()

When i remove this code that sets up the second tableview......

local resultlistOptions = {
        top = 40,
        width = 320,
	height = 410,
        maskFile = "mask-320x410.png"
local resultlist = widget.newTableView( resultlistOptions )

....then the Main tableview event.phases are working again.

Is it not possible to have 2 tableviews active at the same time?

I put everything in a seperate group for each tableview.

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I am encountering the same issue.

Can someone from Corona labs reply whether this is possible or it is a limitation of the current widget system?

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Are you using the same listener for both tableViews?

NOTE: Using multiple tableViews and a tableView above another tableView is supported with the new widget library which is out very soon.
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