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Dynamic resolution for Ipad 3
Started by alexandr Jun 14 2012 04:18 AM

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Hi all, With the release of three Ipad a question to support his resolution. Previously, I used 1024-768 and scale for all other device and the quality is not lost.

With images it is clear in the config
width = 768,
height = 1024,
scale = "letterbox",
imageSuffix =
["@2x"] = 2, - images with "@ 2x" appended will be used for iPad3

In code
local bg = display.newImageRect( "background.png", 768, 1024)
and for Ipad3 corona automatic select background@2x.png with size 1536*2048. And all fine.

But what do you do with animation?

local imagePath = "luaFile.png"
local dataClassPath = REQUIRE("luaFile").getSpriteSheetData()
local Frames = sprite.newSpriteSheetFromData( imagePath, dataClassPath )

local spriteSet = sprite.newSpriteMultiSet(
{ sheet = Frames , frames = idleAnimation },

So if I create "luaFile.png" and "luaFile@2x.png" ; luaFile.lua and luaFile@2x.lua corona for Ipad3 dont get avtomatic luaFile@2x.png or I or am I doing something wrong?

I will be glad to any example. How do you?
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