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Spin Up : Pseudo 3D Arcade Launched Today + PROMO CODES
Started by nosheet Mar 27 2012 08:03 PM

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thanks, hehe: )
@bryan: this media recognition has been a big encouragement, so I am naturally more motivated to keep on doing games. unfortunately, it didn't translate to huge sales, so far about a couple of thousand dollars (and the peak has long passed), so first I will have to spend some time focused on doing client projects to be able to support me through making of my next game. :)
but overall this has been great experience and very much looking forward to doing it again!
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How about a sequel using something like AutoLan to offer realtime head to head play. Two Astronauts on the same path competing to be the last one to fall fighting all the elements you have already in there plus occasionally each other...

Also in app purchases for stuff to monetize etc. Don't give up on it. I think its the beginning of a great franchise. Also try to bring it to iPhone somehow. I know size of screen is an issue for this game but think about the numbers... Far more iphones out there compared to ipads. Few thoughts.

Keep it up!
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