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TexturePacker update 2.3.2 for Windows and Mac
Started by andreas.loew Jul 25 2011 06:05 PM

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New version of my sprite sheet maker TexturePacker 2.3.2 is available.

  • Feedback dialog (in help menu) to submit bug reports and feature requests

  • TexturePacker now is 64bit for MacOS

  • Create CSS Sprites (issue: 527)

  • Added option to ignore files on command line (–ignore-files) (issue: 394)

  • Added option to replace parts of a sprite‘s name (–replace) (issue: 348)

  • Sprites are ordered alphabetically (issue: 533)

  • Pixelformat Alpha + Intensity (issue: 469)

  • TexturePacker only opens a file once (issue: 429)

  • Added the current scale to JSON output format meta data (issue: 407)

  • Removed refresh button – TexturePacker now updates the textures when entering the app (issue: 299)

  • Speedup for rendering sprites

  • Red colored sprites in demo mode get a text to make it more obvious

  • Warning when using extended features in TexturePackerPro

  • Auto updater for Windows

  • File icons and associations (Windows)

  • Removed -hd in texture name which causes warnings in cocos2d (issue: 570)

  • Display broken files when adding single files (issue: 395,381)

  • PVR viewer‘s zoom control (issue: 550)

  • Fixed smart update when changing sprites contents from while in GUI mode (issue: 520)

  • Unicode char in license file (issue: 495)

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